Why leadership development?

For centuries there has been a debate about whether leaders must be born into their leadership capacities or whether leadership can be developed in all of us. Findings from history, psychology, business and neuroscience are now clear about this: leaders grow over time, and leadership can be thoughtfully and intentionally nurtured.

At Cultivating Leadership, we have lots of ways to support that growth. Using a deep theoretical and research base combined with decades of experience we help leaders become better able to handle the complex, ambiguous, and sometimes conflict-ridden world of today. As we support leaders to grow and develop to their fullest capacity, they change their organisations and their world for the better.

How do leaders

With the right support, anyone can become better able to handle increasing amounts of complexity, chaos, and conflict. Research and practice show that it takes a combination of the right sort of challenges (which your work probably provides) and the right kind of support (that's our job to help you think about) to turn your work into a place where you can be getting better each day.

We provide this support in leadership programmes, individual and group coaching, and by facilitating meetings where we support people to think and interact in new ways. We write about these practices and teach advanced workshops to colleagues in the coaching and leadership development field.

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Simple Habits for Complex Times - Released February 2015

We are delighted to announce that Jennifer and Keith's book Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful Practices for Leaders is out and garnering rave reviews! One reviewer calls it, "A surprisingly easy-to-read exploration of how to navigate complexity," while another raves, " This is an excellent, thoughtful book with simple, practical tools to help leaders thrive in complex and rapidly changing world."

When faced with complex challenges or uncertain outcomes, many leaders believe that if they are smart enough, work hard enough, or turn to the best management tools, they will be able to find the right answer, predict and plan for the future, and break down tasks to produce controllable outcomes. But, what are leaders to do when this isn't the case?

In complex situations, prediction, control, and the right answer are illusions. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all tips and tricks in pursuit of these mirages, Simple Habits for Complex Times provides three integral practices that enable leaders to navigate the unknown. By taking multiple perspectives, asking different questions, and seeing more of their system, leaders can better understand themselves, their roles, and the world around them. Jennifer and Keith are speaking and writing about these ideas as they continue to explore with their clients and their colleagues.

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Changing on the Job

Jennifer's first book (with a chapter co-written by Keith) continues to be essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the way adults grow and change over time, and beginning to take that practice seriously in organisational work. Readers have said it is, "Quite simply the best book on leadership and adult development out there."