Helping organizations thrive in complexity

At Cultivating Leadership, we help leaders use complexity as the key that unlocks new possibilities for a better tomorrow

The massive growth of complexity has left many leaders—and their entire organizations—stuck with old tools and ways of thinking that simply don’t work in this new world. At Cultivating Leadership, we help leaders and organizations not only tolerate complexity but learn to use it to their advantage to become more agile, creative, and successful in a changing world. Our collection of experienced and innovative colleagues helps large and small organizations through leadership programs, organizational development, executive coaching and more.

  • I would say it is the most powerful professional development experience I have ever had, giving me tools to get and give more information. The concepts are simple and transformative.

    Director, Global Technology Company

  • As a more "mature" manager, I thought that sending me to a leadership development programme could well be a waste of resources. I could not have been more wrong. Cultivating Leadership's approach to creating a learning environment, working on tough stuff, and not shying away from hard questions made for a challenging but enriching learning experience--I know I'm a better leader as a result.

    Senior operational leader, Government department

  • These Leadership Development Programmes were so successful they were expanded to the whole Natural Resources sector in collaboration with these agencies. This was the most innovative and successful leadership and culture change programme I have been involved with or seen in 17 years of developing leaders in organisations. ...More than skill development the programmes, we implemented shifted mindsets of leaders and enabled them to manage their own views of the world.

    Principal advisor, Leadership Development Agency

  • It's the best course I've been on in nearly 40 years of public service.

    Senior Leader, Government Department

  • The information and experience I've gained during this training feels critical to my future work at the Foundation and to becoming more thoughtful, functional, deliberate and connected to my teams and colleagues. I want to reiterate how much I appreciate the culture of career/personal development we have been nurturing, and give a special shout-out to this curriculum and facilitators. The Foundation and the world would be a much easier place to navigate and interact if everyone had the chance to have this experience.

    Senior Manager, The WikiMedia Foundation

  • You can tell just by sitting in a meeting who has been on the programme by their reactions and the nature of the questions they ask.

    Senior leader reflecting on the impact of the leadership program on participants.

  • For me the programme was like an oxygen balloon, lifting me up and connecting me with a bigger view of myself and my work.

    Leadership program participant reflecting on the program four months after completion


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