Who We Are

While our experience and our academic credentials are top notch, what makes us truly distinctive is our passion for supporting leaders with practical and transformative experiences and conversations. We also walk the talk as a deliberately developmental, complexity-based organization.

We are a group of nearly fifty folks around the world who are deeply committed to helping our clients navigate their most complex challenges. Our distinctive offer is that we combine our deep theoretical knowledge with incredibly practical tools and structures to enable our clients to bring their biggest selves to make a difference in the world.

We believe who we are is as important as what we know. We are drawn to work together because we are a curious bunch, always pushing the edges of what we know and how we know it. We bring our whole selves to our work and we ask our clients to bring their whole selves too—we are all humans together for all of the complexity that entails. We admire the human condition and genuinely like people and we treat our clients and one another with compassion, generosity, laughter and lightness.

Who our clients are

We support leaders around the world to adapt and thrive in a changing world

Mary Beth is truly a remarkable individual and her coaching was invaluable. I learned to identify barriers to my own growth and fulfillment, to recognize what was truly important to me and where my passion is. She helped me harness my unique strengths to further my performance. I now see myself and others more objectively. I appreciate choice as leading to intention and possibility rather than right or wrong. Mary Beth has a keen understanding of human nature, is genuine and insightful. She is skilled at asking challenging questions and is direct yet tactful.

Senior Manager, Global Retailer