We offer a range of public opportunities for growth and development. These include workshops in the Growth Edge Coaching series, stand alone workshops, joint offerings with partner providers, conferences and keynote speeches.

  • Advanced Growth Edge Workshop

    Psychologically Spacious Coaching

    London, UK

    May 25-27

    Continue your Growth Edge Coaching training as we explore ways you can weave Growth Edge ideas throughout your conversations with clients to find the subject/object distinctions in the way clients experience particular dilemmas. Then we use that new information to help expand the solution space for our clients. As with all of our workshops, we practice as we learn, exploring our own sensemaking as we understand the sensemaking of others. This module also includes discussion and practice of specific coaching approaches that might be helpful with clients who seem to be in particular developmental transitions.


  • Virtual workshop

    Conversations at the Growing Edge

    Six, two hour online sessions

    July 17-October 4, 2018

    This workshop will bring you into a new place of curiosity, listening, and questioning as you learn to explore the Growth Edge in your clients—and in yourself. You’ll learn the difference between the content of someone’s thinking (our usual space of exploration) and the structure of someone’s meaning making. This can be a new frontier for exploring and understanding a client and what might help support her growth. While it sounds like a somewhat heady topic, we explore with our whole bodies—reading interviews, engaging in deep conversations with one another, and interviewing each other, all the while paying attention to the ways our own meaning making is showing up in our thinking, our feeling, and our sensations.


  • An opportunity to Learn, Explore, Experiment

    Leading in Complex Times

    London, UK

    September 20, 2018

    Creating unique solutions requires developing different mindsets and using different patterns to tackle problems. On 20th September in a joint initiative between Cultivating Leadership, Harthill Consulting and MDV Consulting, we are hosting a unique event for Learning and HR practitioners to explore new tools and practices to grow their own and their executives’ capacity to lead in today’s complex world.

    The day gives the opportunity to hear from world experts in adult development and complexity including internationally acclaimed Jennifer Garvey Berger and David Rooke. Attendees will hear some of the sharpest ideas about leading in complexity, talk with practitioners at the leading edge and explore their most thorny challenges in sessions facilitated by development professionals, all with a passion for change and learning.


I would say it is the most powerful professional development experience I have ever had, giving me tools to get and give more information. The concepts are simple and transformative.

Director, Global Technology Company