We offer a range of public opportunities for growth and development. These include workshops in the Growth Edge Coaching series, stand alone workshops, joint offerings with partner providers, conferences and keynote speeches.


    Australia and North America

    August and September 2019

    Embodied Intelligence for Leaders and Coaches Embodied Intelligence for Leaders and Coaches

    This workshop retreat is for leaders committed to becoming the best possible version of themselves, and for the coaches and facilitators who support them.

    Humankind faces unprecedented challenges to overcome if we, and planet earth, are to survive. Overcoming these challenges requires “future-fit” leaders with access to the whole of their intelligence – mind, body and spirit. Leaders who are comfortable with paradox, who act out of purpose, who recognise and address the fears that hold them back and who create learning environments within which others can grow and thrive.

    North America

    With Amanda Blake and John Sautelle

    Thursday 19th September from 5pm to Sunday 22nd September at 2pm

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    With John Sautelle and Joanne Byrnes

    Thursday 22nd August 2019 from 5 pm to Sunday 25th August at 2pm

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    Turf Valley Resort, Maryland

    September 6th 2019

    Gender and complexity exploration Gender and complexity exploration

    Join Cultivating Leadership’s  Carolyn Coughlin, Patrice Laslett, Anne Nagle, Sheila Buechler and Sadaffe Abid for a day of exploration with others interested in improving gender representation by sharing and applying complexity tools and practices.


  • Advanced Workshop

    Australia and US


    Psychologically Spacious Coaching Psychologically Spacious Coaching

    October 25-27, 2019, Sydney, Australia with Carolyn Coughlin and Patrice Laslett

    December 10th-12th, Bay Area, California with Carolyn Coughlin and Patrice Laslett

    For those who have attended Conversations at the Growing Edge. In this workshop, we create and practice new ways of using developmental ideas throughout a coaching engagement. This allows you to ask different questions and support your clients in new ways.


  • Workshop for all leaders and coaches


    February 2020

    Complexity Fitness Complexity Fitness

    Feb 19-22, 2020, New Zealand

    This workshop is for leaders and leadership coaches who are looking to become better able to thrive in the complexities currently challenging organisations and our world. Whether you are familiar with the ideas of complexity or just becoming acquainted, we will invite you to bring a personal challenge that you can work on while learning handy tools to help you explore the problem. By exploring the contexts in which we find ourselves, how we show up in them and act differently in them, we can make dramatic progress on challenges that we have been battling for some time.


I would say it is the most powerful professional development experience I have ever had, giving me tools to get and give more information. The concepts are simple and transformative.

Director, Global Technology Company