Embodied intelligence for leaders and coaches

North America – 2020

This unique retreat is for leaders committed to becoming the best possible version of themselves, and for the coaches and consultants who support them.

Humankind faces unprecedented challenges to overcome if we, and planet earth, are to survive. Overcoming these challenges requires “future-fit” leaders with access to the whole of their intelligence – mind, body and spirit. Leaders who are comfortable with paradox, who act out of purpose, who recognise and address the fears that hold them back and who create learning environments within which others can grow and thrive.

There is a strong business imperative for leaders to become the best they can be. In the words of Bob Anderson:

 “Developing leaders who can navigate complexity is now a strategic priority—and, if done well, a competitive advantage. Beyond developing competency and capability, we need to develop leaders with courage and compassion, consciousness and character.”

― Robert J. Anderson, Mastering Leadership: An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results

Do you see yourself in any of these statements?

You strive to be your best self at work… and then that one person that always pushes your buttons throws you off course

You have a heartfelt mission and you believe in the impact you want to make… but sometimes you inadvertently hold yourself back

You’ve experienced the thrilling satisfaction of a strong team pulling together towards a common goal… and you want more of that, more of the time

You know that dialling up your leadership presence will go a long way towards achieving your goals… and you know that getting honest feedback is key to this kind of growth

You strongly suspect that there’s more to our intelligence than is conventionally taught… but you’re not always sure how to tap your embodied wisdom (or help your clients do the same)

If any of these statements ring true for you, then you are going to love this program.

Facilitated by Amanda Blake, master somatic leadership Coach and award-winning author of Your Body is Your Brain, and John Sautelle, leadership team Coach and author of Choose Your Stories, Change Your Life, this program is focused on supporting you cross the bridge from who you are now to who you want to be.

These Leadership Development Programmes were so successful they were expanded to the whole Natural Resources sector in collaboration with these agencies. This was the most innovative and successful leadership and culture change programme I have been involved with or seen in 17 years of developing leaders in organisations. ...More than skill development the programmes, we implemented shifted mindsets of leaders and enabled them to manage their own views of the world.

Principal advisor, Leadership Development Agency