Ally Bull

Auckland, New Zealand


Ally is particularly interested in working with educators who want to grow on the job – to think, engage and act differently. Concerns about the future of our planet and growing social inequities underpin Ally’s commitment to re-thinking education. She is convinced that our best chance of developing an education system that meets the needs of today’s young people will require the adults in the system to make meaning in more complex ways themselves. It is this that drives Ally’s interest in adult cognitive development and complexity theory.

Ally has more than 30 years experience in the education sector. She has worked in a number of different roles in primary education as well as in teacher education and education research. Much of Ally’s current work involves working in partnership with teachers and school leaders who want to re-think schooling. Ally has a masters degree in education. Her research interests lie in the areas of future focused education, educational partnerships and the learning environments for teachers in schools.

Ally lives on the outskirts of Auckland with her partner, 3 dogs, a cat and a small poultry flock. When not working, Ally enjoys being in nature – especially walking on wild NZ west coast beaches.