Joy Guilleux

Pittsburgh, USA


Joy believes transformational leadership happens in the company of others. Cultivating Leadership is a perfect place for her to support a team that lives this out in the world. With experience in managing people and programs in a growing decentralized organization, Joy takes on challenges with optimism and provides support that frees everyone to do what they do best.

Joy spent the last 20 years developing leaders through experiential education. Whether in the classroom or on a rock climb, she invited emerging leaders to a love of learning about themselves and the unpredictable world in which they desire to make a difference.

When she is not at the computer, Joy can usually be found outdoors with her husband and two young children. She enjoys cooking and baking for others, spending time with friends and family, and renovating their old home. To further her influence in the world, Joy is currently pursuing an Executive Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University.