Patrice Laslett

Sydney, Australia


Patrice has been an integral part of our strategic leadership development journey. Patrice integrates somatic and cognitive learning with our team which has led to demonstrable personal growth in team members and hence their strategic leadership capability. Patrice's compassion, insights, professionalism and willingness to go on the journey with us has been key to our success as a team. This has been, and is, a true growth edge learning partnership.

Business Leader, Financial Services

Patrice is an executive coach and leadership development consultant based in Sydney, Australia. She believes clients thrive when they are supported to bring their whole selves to the table and then challenged to explore the unfamiliar territory of who they are becoming. Within individual or group coaching conversations, her clients experience a better understanding of what has been true for them up until now, and they develop an expanded view of what is possible.  Patrice supports her clients to make lasting changes as they explore and push on their growing edges. Patrice facilitates the conversations that clients want to have—or the more difficult ones they need to have.

Within leadership development programs, Patrice teaches innovative and practical ideas and techniques. Clients can apply these directly to their most pressing and current work challenges with opportunities to practice skills that help them adapt to the complex challenges that modern-day work demands. Patrice supports people to feel authentic and close to their growing edge.

Patrice also has an interest in the neuroscience of the connections between the mind and the body and how these influence leadership skills especially listening to others.

Another passion is working in the not for profit space where complexity is lived and breathed by leaders each day. Patrice has 30 years of experience in this space including working at Board and executive levels.

When not working Patrice loves to spend time with her husband and 3 adult children or with friends having fun and being silly.

Patrice has a Masters in Organisational Psychology from Griffith University, Brisbane. She is a certified in Growth Edge Coach and teaches in this program and is certified in The Leadership Circle 360, as well as many other psychological assessment tools. She is also registered with Psychology Board of Australia.